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1.0.0 release from the 1.0.0 series released 2016-03-17

Release information
Release notes:

  - A new dashboard wizard for Neutron LBaaS version 2. Allows you to create a
    version 2 load balancer and related resources such as a listener, pool,
    pool members, and health monitor.
  - A view of all the existing version 2 load balancers.
  - Ability to view details of a version 2 load balancer and drill down to see
    details for the listener, pool, pool member, and health monitor resources.
  - Ability to create, update, and delete the version 2 load balancer, listener,
    pool, pool member, and health monitor resources.
  - Ability to associate and disassociate floating IP addresses for a version
    2 load balancer.
  - Ability to choose from SSL certificates stored by the key-manager service
    when creating a version 2 listener using the TERMINATED_HTTPS pr...

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