neutron 2011.3 "diablo"

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Release notes 

This is the first release of OpenStack Quantum. Using this early release of Quantum is not for the faint of heart, but we're a friendly bunch and are happy to help if you run into problems. Email us
at or log a bug at

Please see the Quantum for more information about Quantum and access to the Administrator Guide and API Guide.

New Features in this Release:
- v1.0 of the Quantum API
- API Extensibility Framework
- API Client LIbrary and CLI
- Integration with OpenStack Nova via the QuantumManager
- Prototype integration with OpenStack Dashboard
- Two publicly available plugins:
 * Open vSwitch Plugin
 * Cisco UCS/Nexus Plugin

Known Issues:

- When using the Quantum Manager shipped with Nova's Diablo release, do not use the Quantum CLI or Dashboard to create or delete any networks or ports directly, as this may cause an exception in the nova-network process running the QuantumManager code.

- The Quantum work in OpenStack Dashboard will not work correctly with the Diablo version of Nova due to Keystone integration issues.


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API specification in source tree API specification in source tree 4 High Salvatore Orlando  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
857315 #857315 Revert changes into Quantum API for nova integration 2 Critical Brad Hall  10 Fix Released
850261 #850261 OVS plugin README should be updated or removed 3 High Brad Hall  10 Fix Released
855151 #855151 Remove keystone middleware from Quantum for Diablo release 1 Undecided Salvatore Orlando  10 Fix Released
856564 #856564 Cisco qos extension description is not correct 1 Undecided Ying Liu  10 Fix Released
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