neutron 2012.2.4

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Alan Pevec
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1 Akihiro Motoki, 1 Christoph Thiel, 10 Gary Kotton, 1 Robert Kukura
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This is Quantum 2012.2.4 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1104337 #1104337 Deleting a subnet that is added to a router leaves behind a port that cannot be deleted 3 High Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1110807 #1110807 Openstack quantum, race condition in ip address creation when starting 50 VMs on a 5-node cluster 3 High Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1116500 #1116500 Address re-allocation before DHCP lease's expire 3 High Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1122206 #1122206 l3_agent destroys all namespaces on init, even if router_id is set 3 High Christoph Thiel  10 Fix Released
1127664 #1127664 Network cannot be created in NEC plugin when OFC network ID is unique inside a tenant 3 High Akihiro Motoki  10 Fix Released
1130735 #1130735 file descriptors not closed when executing sub-processes 3 High Robert Kukura  10 Fix Released
1153594 #1153594 MyISAM does not perform cascading deletions 3 High Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1157090 #1157090 Folsom l3 agent unable to connect to quantum service 3 High Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1166076 #1166076 Folsom NEC plugin: Cannot create a tenant on some version of OpenFlow controller 3 High Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1099625 #1099625 dhcp-agent distributes empty domain when dhcp_domain="" 4 Medium Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1118517 #1118517 ovs and netns cleanupo utilities do not log 4 Medium Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1166077 #1166077 Folsom NEC plugin fails to create a network/port on some version of PFC due to too long string 4 Medium Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1128180 #1128180 DHCP agent could take upto a minute to get its IP address 1 Undecided Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
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