neutron newton-2 "n2"

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Akihiro Motoki
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1 Brian Haley, 1 Clayton O'Neill, 1 David Shaughnessy, 1 Dmitriy Ukhlov, 1 Dr. Jens Harbott, 3 Ihar Hrachyshka, 1 Li Xipeng, 1 Trevor Vardeman, 1 Victor Howard, 1 YAMAMOTO Takashi, 1 vikram.choudhary
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2 blueprints and 11 bugs targeted

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BGP Dynamic Routing spin out BGP Dynamic Routing spin out 2 Low vikram.choudhary  11 Implemented
QoS support with dscp marking QoS support with dscp marking 2 Low Victor Howard  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1514056 #1514056 Restarting OVS agent drops VMs traffic when using VLAN provider bridges 3 High Clayton O'Neill  10 Fix Released
1549793 #1549793 force_metadata = True : qdhcp namespace has no interface with ip 3 High Li Xipeng  10 Fix Released
1569404 #1569404 Remove threading before process forking 3 High Dmitriy Ukhlov  10 Fix Released
1597561 #1597561 L3 agent allows multiple gateway ports in fip namespace 3 High Brian Haley  10 Fix Released
1556884 #1556884 floating-ip association is allowed via router interface 4 Medium YAMAMOTO Takashi  10 Fix Released
1566706 #1566706 Update help text for [ml2] path_mtu 4 Medium Ihar Hrachyshka  10 Fix Released
1591222 #1591222 Shared filter is broken for QoS policies since Mitaka 4 Medium Ihar Hrachyshka  10 Fix Released
1593719 #1593719 StaleDataError: DELETE statement on table 'standardattributes' expected to delete 1 row(s); 0 were matched 5 Low Ihar Hrachyshka  10 Fix Released
1463202 #1463202 [RFE] Create a full load balancing configuration with one API call 6 Wishlist Trevor Vardeman  10 Fix Released
1468353 #1468353 [RFE] QoS DSCP marking rule support 6 Wishlist David Shaughnessy  10 Fix Released
1599275 #1599275 Deprecate min_l3_agents_per_router option 6 Wishlist Dr. Jens Harbott  10 Fix Released
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