neutron queens-rc1

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Akihiro Motoki
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1 Bo Chi, 1 Brian Haley, 2 Ihar Hrachyshka, 1 Jakub Libosvar, 1 Lujin Luo, 1 Manjeet Singh Bhatia, 1 Miguel Lavalle, 1 Nguyen Phuong An, 3 Slawek Kaplonski, 2 chandan dutta chowdhury
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1732294 #1732294 Probable DOS in linuxbridge 2 Critical Brian Haley  10 Fix Released
1713499 #1713499 Cannot delete a neutron network, if the currently configured MTU is lower than the network's MTU 3 High Slawek Kaplonski  10 Fix Released
1740885 #1740885 Security group updates fail when port hasn't been initialized yet 3 High Jakub Libosvar  10 Fix Released
1742401 #1742401 Fullstack tests neutron.tests.fullstack.test_securitygroup.TestSecurityGroupsSameNetwork fails often 3 High Slawek Kaplonski  10 Fix Released
1744394 #1744394 test_distributed_port_binding_deleted_by_port_deletion failed due to warnings during port binding delete 3 High Ihar Hrachyshka  10 Fix Released
1744829 #1744829 Avoid mixed usage of old and new transaction styles 3 High Lujin Luo  10 Fix Released
1745013 #1745013 Many fullstack tests failing because of some error in L3 agent 3 High Slawek Kaplonski  10 Fix Released
1745642 #1745642 SG hybrid iptables driver and FWaaS OVS driver create overlapping conntrack zones 3 High chandan dutta chowdhury  10 Fix Released
1746404 #1746404 'auto_associate_default_firewall_group' got an error when new port is created 3 High chandan dutta chowdhury  10 Fix Released
1746855 #1746855 FWaaS V2 failures with Ml2 is Linuxbridge or security group driver is iptables_hybrid 3 High Nguyen Phuong An  10 Fix Released
1746996 #1746996 bagpipe: IPAllocation DB query failing, engine facade mismatch 3 High   10 Fix Released
1745038 #1745038 Unable to use SSL URI for OVSDB connection 4 Medium Ihar Hrachyshka  10 Fix Released
1745572 #1745572 ml2 mechanism is call again if it calls continue binding 4 Medium Bo Chi  10 Fix Released
1745638 #1745638 OVN Check for router port correctness 4 Medium Miguel Lavalle  10 Fix Released
1742802 #1742802 add notification for floatingip delete event 5 Low Manjeet Singh Bhatia  10 Fix Released
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