neutron 2013.1.4

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Adam Gandelman
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1 Aaron Rosen, 2 Akihiro Motoki, 1 Alessandro Pilotti, 3 Armando Migliaccio, 1 Arvind Somya, 1 Dane LeBlanc, 1 Salvatore Orlando, 2 Shiv Haris
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This is Neutron 2013.1.4 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1216110 #1216110 metadata network handling causes stacktrace in nvp plugin 3 High Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
1224583 #1224583 Hyper-V agent does not report the correct exception when the network type is set to GRE 3 High Alessandro Pilotti  10 Fix Released
1235106 #1235106 nec-agent dies with RPC timeout in secgroup RPC 3 High Akihiro Motoki  10 Fix Released
1181378 #1181378 dhcp-agent network namespace does not have a default route, can't use upstream dns 4 Medium Aaron Rosen  10 Fix Released
1188652 #1188652 Nicira plugin: get_port reports wrong port status for extended switches 4 Medium Salvatore Orlando  10 Fix Released
1223747 #1223747 Neutron network delete fails with brocade plugin 4 Medium Shiv Haris  10 Fix Released
1223754 #1223754 Multiple Neutron operations using a script fails on Brocade Plugin 4 Medium Shiv Haris  10 Fix Released
1235111 #1235111 nec-agent: port_added message can be dropped when RPC timeout occurs 4 Medium Akihiro Motoki  10 Fix Released
1217479 #1217479 make nvp plugin future version friendly 5 Low Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
1200609 #1200609 _retrieve_extra_groups in Nicira plugin incompatible with oslo.config >= 1.2.0 1 Undecided Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
1212834 #1212834 Cisco plugin (grizzly) device connection errors 1 Undecided Arvind Somya  10 Fix Released
1213147 #1213147 Cisco plugin (grizzly) does not pass proper args 1 Undecided Dane LeBlanc  10 Fix Released
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