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Alan Pevec
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1 Aaron Rosen, 1 Akihiro Motoki, 6 Armando Migliaccio, 1 Assaf Muller, 1 Attila Fazekas, 1 Ihar Hrachyshka, 1 Jakub Libosvar, 1 Kevin Benton, 2 Kyle Mestery, 1 Édouard Thuleau
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This is Neutron 2014.1.1 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1309195 #1309195 [OSSA 2014-019] IPv6 prefix shouldn't be added in the NAT table (CVE-2014-4167) 2 Critical Aaron Rosen  10 Fix Released
1290486 #1290486 neutron-openvswitch-agent does not recreate flows after ovsdb-server restarts 3 High Kyle Mestery  10 Fix Released
1315467 #1315467 Neutron deletes the router interface instead of adding a floatingip 3 High Attila Fazekas  10 Fix Released
1315538 #1315538 NSX: cluster is passed instead of context during metadata operation 3 High Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
1316382 #1316382 Big Switch: servermanager HTTPS fails on 2.6 3 High Kevin Benton  10 Fix Released
1322440 #1322440 NoSuchOptError: no such option: state_path 3 High Jakub Libosvar  10 Fix Released
1324659 #1324659 dump_flows_for_table() needs to handle run_ofctl failing 3 High Kyle Mestery  10 Fix Released
1263866 #1263866 OVS lib deferred apply cannot handle concurrency 4 Medium Édouard Thuleau  10 Fix Released
1292173 #1292173 Remove list events API from Cisco N1kv neutron 4 Medium Ihar Hrachyshka  10 Fix Released
1301035 #1301035 Nova notifier thread does not run in rpc_worker sub-processes 4 Medium Assaf Muller  10 Fix Released
1313918 #1313918 NSX: router_id_get should not raise an exception 4 Medium Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
1313985 #1313985 NSX: allow migration of networks to NSX DHCP/Metadata only in combined mode 4 Medium Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
1316365 #1316365 NSX: stacktrace during port creation 4 Medium Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
1316795 #1316795 NSX: external networks should not have an associated LSN node 4 Medium Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
1323769 #1323769 nec plugin: AttributeError: No such RPC function 'update_floatingip_statuses' 4 Medium Akihiro Motoki  10 Fix Released
1312822 #1312822 NSX: fix API mappings 5 Low Armando Migliaccio  10 Fix Released
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