News Cycle 0.5.2 "The Reserversal"

This release removes the OFL "Reserved Font Name' declarations (and fixes a few other totally insignificant metadata nitpicks that you don't care about and so should never, ever trouble yourself to look up).

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News Cycle
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The Reserversal
Nathan Willis
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Release notes 

This release removes the "Reserved Font Name" declarations from both the regular and bold TTF binaries and the accompanying license text file. This should simplify reuse downstream, since it makes complying with the fonts' OFL license noticeably easier.


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29 Jul 2015 (Nathan Willis)
- Generating a 0.5.2 release with two changes.
- One removes the "Reserved Font Name" declarations, which I had
  intended to remove ages ago and which had a mistake in them anyway.
- The other provides my email address and updates the copyright dates
  inside the font-information fields.

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