NiceeePC 1.0 "Egg"

NiceeePC it's an automatization script written in Bash exclusively for the ASUS eeePC and Ubuntu Linux. Actually, it can fix almost every problem found in a standard installation of Ubuntu Linux like ACPI support, Wifi, OSD keys, sound, bootup speed, etc. The script is interactive so the user can choose what fix or feature to apply. Some of the features are Kernel version dependent (ACPI, Wifi, Overclock), the script can monitor the kernels upgrades and update the system without internet connection OR it can install the Adam's excellent custom kernel for the eeePC. Additionally, the script can install useful software like Skype, UCView, Audacious, Avant Window Navigator, Wine, etc. The script is secure, so it can be run undefined times without crashing the system or you can run any function in manual mode.

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Carlos Jenkins PĂ©rez
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Release notes 

The current version of the script was tested on the eeePC 701 and Ubuntu Linux Hardy Heron 8.04.1 clean install.
The eeePC 900 is untested. So, if you want to collaborate please test the script and fill any bug report.
The eeePC 100X is unsupported and untested.

Some of the features of the script are:
- Fix SD mount problem.
- Fix shutdown problem.
- Fix audio and volume control.
- Fix grub 3 seconds wait.
- Fix boot clock detection.
- Removes unnecessary writes to disk.
- Unconstrain windows to the top of the screen.
- Fullscreen any window with <Alt>-F11.
- Tweak GUI (Smaller fonts, Icons to 67%, Toolbars with icons only).
- Removes password prompt after sleep.
- Enable autologin.
- Install Wireless drivers.
- Install ACPI support.
- Install custom "function keys" script and configure native on screen display (All FN keys working with native OSD when possible).
- Install Overclock driver (FN+F6).
- Removes unnecessary software (Brasero, Sound Juicer, Rhythmbox, etc).
- Install software (Wine, Skype, Ucview, Audacious, Flash, Unrar, Avant Window Navigator, etc).
- Install Adam's eeePC custom Kernel.
- Monitor for kernel upgrades and recompile the kernel version dependent modules.

Again, the script is interactive so every feature is optional.


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Version 1.0
 - Minor bug fixes and tests
Version 0.9
 - First LaunchPad release
 - Full overclock support
 - Minor bugs fixed
 - Guided first run
 - GUI tweaks separated on several functions
Version 0.8
 - Interactive options (choose custom kernel / normal)
 - Monitor kernel upgrade
 - Audio function improved
 - Audio function compatible with eeePC 900
 - eeePC 900 partially supported
 - Custom kernel function improved
 - Beta overclock support
Version 0.7
 - Improved boot time (- 52 seconds )
 - Avoid refix - Verify if the fix has already been done
 - Overclock, OSD and related scripts integration
Version 0.6
 - Removed password promt when returning from sleep
 - Internal script functions
 - eeePC model support
 - OSD and script pack integration
Version 0.5
 - Fix Icons set to 67%
 - Clean Up: Variables, macros and functions structure
 - Sudo and internet test functions
Version 0.4
 - Fix Grub wait
 - Fix User automatic login
 - Fix Audio issues (microphone & volume)
Version 0.3
 - Customizable Add/Remove software automatization
Version 0.2
 - Fix Reduce unnecessary writes to disk
 - Fix Shutdown problem
 - Fix Windows constrained to the top of the screen
 - Fix Fullscreen windows with <Alt>-F11
Version 0.1
 - Fix SD Mount Problem
 - Fix Wireless :: MadWifi madwifi-hal-

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