NiceeePC 1.3 "Chick"

NiceeePC 1.3 finally released!

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Carlos Jenkins PĂ©rez
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After a lot of test and feedback of the community this new version of the ASUS eePC script for Ubuntu GNU/Linux is finally ready!


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Version 1.3
- Overclock compiling as root issue fixed.
- Program owner and permisions are now normalized.
- Installation with Debian package, support for dependencies, updates, etc.
- Default output level set to 3 (I cannot decide).
- Fixed bug 261401 - Unblacklisting i2c_i801.
- Compiz Switch installation added.
- Avant Window Navigator is installed from PPA repositories enabling applets and extras.
- Avant Window Navigator is loaded on startup.
- Beta function for the Ubuntu Netbook Remix installation in manual mode.
- Support for specific eeePC model can be forced in manual mode.

Version 1.2
- Check eeePC model when running manual mode.
- Removes generic kernel packages when choosing Adam's Kernel = lock custom kernel.
- Updates all the packages installed in the system before running the script.
- Microphone is unmute by default.
- Master channel is set to 100% by default.
- Default output level set to 0.
- 901 support removed.

Version 1.1
- eeePC 8G support (reports it's model as 702).
- eeePC 901 support (reports it's model as 901).
- Adam's custom kernel is the new default option (after a lot of testing on 701).
- Bug on monitor kernel upgrades fixed.
- You can jump modules instalation (not just choose between modules or custom kernel).
- Second argument support in manual mode.

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