NicNames 0.4

Deletions are now returned in all harvests, some other deletions fixes.
OAI-PMH protocol now supported for harvesting in addition to native protocol.

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Release notes 

A new version of the NicNames software (0.4) is available, to update version r174. Updating installations may be updated.

Installation instructions, including upgrading, are in the enclosed README file and one of the attached documents.

This update includes the following major changes:

- Now supports OAI-PMH harvesting protocol in addition to native API. View ?a=oaipmh for details.
- Deletions are now returned in all harvests.

Minor changes:

- Some other deletions fixes.
- Minor forwards-compatible fix to XML schema.
- Minor improvements to debugging code.
- Releases now given version numbers (this is 0.4).

Known issues:

- Modifying/replacing an existing record using the API is very powerful and it is possible, only when properly authenticated, to overwrite another identity's data or insert co-author links to identities which don't exist. The API (at least, the part which can actually modify data) should be used carefully. In future, more checks should be in place to help guard against unwanted accidents.

Please report problems as you see them.


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