What's New in 0.1.5

Written for NitroShare by Nathan Osman on 2012-07-01

Version 0.1.5 of NitroShare is now available for download and contains a number of new changes and features. The underlying protocol used for broadcast discovery and file transfer has changed quite a bit, increasing the reliability of transfers and allowing progress of the transfer to be displayed.

With this release, you can also create more than one ShareBox, providing a direct link to any other machine on your network. These ShareBoxes can be moved and positioned anywhere on your desktop.

This release also features a wizard that will guide you through the configuration process when you first start the application. The wizard makes it easier to find other machines on the network and takes care of setting everything up for you.

Lastly, this release features support for localized translations of the application. If your language is not available, we encourage you to help the project out by going to https://translations.launchpad.net/nitroshare and helping to translate the application into your language.

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