NitroShare has moved to GitHub

Written for NitroShare by Nathan Osman on 2015-01-28

NitroShare development has now moved to GitHub. You can view the project at the URL below:

Launchpad will continue to be utilized for daily builds and translations. New bug reports should be filed on the appropriate GitHub page - you will no longer be able to file them here on Launchpad.

As for the project itself, I have begun rewriting the application from scratch in order to take advantage of C++11 and Qt5. The portions of the application that are nearly complete include network discovery and file transfer. There are still a lot of rough edges to be ironed out, but one of the most serious bugs plaguing NitroShare since launch has been fixed. It is now possible to transfer files of any arbitrary size across the network (subject to filesystem limitations, of course). Transfers also take place within a separate thread, allowing the transfer protocol to be implemented with blocking function calls.

I hope to publish an alpha-quality release for testing in the next few weeks. This will likely be after February 1, since we are waiting for CMake 3.2 to be released. I will attempt to make the release available on as many platforms as possible - at a minimum, DEBs for Ubuntu and an EXE installer for Windows.

Stay tuned for updates!

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