NitroShare 0.3.0 Released

Written for NitroShare by Nathan Osman on 2015-03-21

This release was a long time in the making, but at long last, it has arrived. NitroShare 0.3.0 is finally available for download.

By far, the biggest change in this release is the removal of all file size limitations during transfer. You can transfer files of any size regardless of how much memory either device has. And it's fast too - NitroShare consistently matched or outperformed SMB in our tests.

This is certainly not the only change, however. We've simplified the discovery process - you no longer need to do anything after installing NitroShare to get it to work. Just start the program on each device and you're good to go - everything should happen automatically. NitroShare will even add an exception to the Windows Firewall or UFW if necessary.

There were an untold number of changes under the hood - we switched from Qt 4.x to Qt 5.x. We also took advantage of a number of C++11 features. Nearly everything was rewritten in order to better organize the code and improve performace.

Two people deserve special mention with this release. Daniel San helped create the About and Settings dialog, both of which look really awesome. Mateo Salta helped out with the OS X build and created the new logo, which also looks really awesome.

The next release is still in the planning stages, but I am definitely hoping to reimplement the "share boxes" that were removed from this release due to time constraints. An RPC interface is also planned.

As always, please download the program and let us know if you run into any bugs. Now that we've moved to GitHub, bugs should be filed here:

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