Nyctergatis Markup Engine 1.1 "100331"

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Nyctergatis Markup Engine
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Yves Piguet
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Release notes 

Metadata plugin, Objective-C wrapper, added missing files, minor improvements, bug fixes.


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 - arrays in lists didn't balance closing tags correctly; fixed
   (arrays force list end)
 - sublists weren't converted to compliant HTML (they were outside
   <li></li> markup); fixed
 - the distribution archive lacked NMEStyle.c, NMEStyle.h and
   NMEErrorCpp.h; fixed
 - make distrib didn't work with what it produced; fixed
 - wrong description of function NMEPluginTOC; fixed
 - --null-plugins option in NMEMain.c
 - NMEPluginWiki.h, NMEPluginWiki.c and option --metadata in
   NMEMain.c (metadata and title extraction)
 - use id attributes for anchors instead of name in a separate a
 - if useHTMLEmphasisTags is defined, use <em></em> and
   <strong></strong> instead of <i></i> and <b></b> respectively
 - }{ was wrongly recognized as an image opening tag; fixed
 - NMECurrentListNesting uses | for tables
 - context is available in wordwrapPermFun callback and used for
   NME output to prevent line breaks in tables
 - indentation wasn't always set correctly, resulting in too many
   leading spaces at the beginning of lines; fixed
 - new NMEOutputFormatDebug format for debugging, and --debug and
   --debug2 options in NMEMain.c
 - new --structspan option in NMEMain.c
 - Objective-C wrapper (files NMEObjC.h and NMEObjC.m)

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