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Not On My Screen Analytics
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Release notes 

* Improved Game Log with addition of Browser and Search.
* The range of rounds played for each player and any achievements that were
  awarded are displayed in the Game Log.
* Added grouped stats for aliases and authorities with subdirectories.
* The date and time a match started is recorded, if available.
* Improved player search results.
* Added configuration options to record only completed matches, and matches
  that meet a valid round ratio requirement. This enables stats from pickup
  servers to be cleanly recorded.
* Massively improved render time and generated page size for /stats pages.
* Added a generated Predict example link, instead of linking to a static
* Fixed an issue with achievements being wrongly awarded, because of a rename
  after “Match winner”.
* Fixed the insertion of guide-headers in the stats table.
* Fixed the tracking of team dissolves in the final round of a match.
* Guess round scores for teams that dissolve and do not report score for that
  round, due to a bug in armagetronad.
* Prediction data can be requested in JSON format by using the format=json
  query parameter.
* Fixed a ladderlog encoding bug that occurred when using Ruby 1.9.


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