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nonkilling generation reality system is a new breed human interface systems, programs and applications that move the applicable realm of programs from external processing directly into human mind for generation of spatiotemporal cognitive mappings. easiest way to get a grip of it may be to perceive it as "brain software" - ie, the reality system is installed directly into your own cognitive map where it renders perceptive applications along logical patterns akin programs.

as reality systems are akin "brain software", meaning that the system core is not installed in external devices but instead in each preceptors own cognitive map - reality systems become inherited with a paradigm shift of most common design patterns.

the design pattern become by the nature of reality systems oriented from the original departing and arriving source when reflected legacy design patterns. that is that even the legacy concept of "technology" become exposed to a similar paradigm shift whereas in and by reality systems also "technology" per definition and applicability become equally oriented from the original departing and arriving source - that is the preceptors own cognitive map or what traditionally in information technological jargon in most is coined as the "user" self.

one the implications that follow this by nature inherited paradigm shift of design patterns is that what traditionally have been called "user interface" or UX engine is what externally come closest in representation of the reality systems core. seen from traditional perspective this would mean that what first become externally coded is akin the "user interface". only thereafter the system become applicable to further code for further external processing. this meaning that whatsoever computational languages, platform and devices may come hosting and processing the external code, though only in role as external facilitator rather than utility, application, program or system.

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