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Nota is a clean and simple note outliner that will support you in your everyday note taking. It is reduced to the minimum essentials so that it will start fast, has the most important features and does not bother you with rarely used functionality.

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  • Version 0.16 available on 2012-04-16
    This is the first version of Nota build for Ubuntu 12.04. Just add the PPA 'p...
  • Version 0.15 available on 2012-04-08
    Nota's application icon scales now correctly to different size requirements i...
  • Version 0.14 available on 2012-04-01
    Version 0.14 - 2012.04.01 - avoid cluttered tree while search by collapsing -...
  • Nota 0.13 available on 2012-03-23
    Only two changes: - the name of a treeitem will be kept when you cancel the e...
  • Nota 0.12 available on 2012-03-21
    Change log: - Removed special code for 0.11 xml handling - Programm icon slig...