Notify OSD 0.9.33 "tinted bg"

Mainly a bug-fix release with a new feature of tinting notification background-color based on desktop-wallpaper, if unity >= 5.4.0 is installed

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Notify OSD
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tinted bg
Mirco Müller
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Release notes 

To enable notify-osd's logging to ~/.cache/notify-osd.log you have to start it with the environment-variable "LOG" being defined. So the default behaviour now is to not log any incoming notifications (see LP: #904835).

If notify-osd 0.9.33 is running under unity >= 5.4.0 it'll pick up the average color from the selected desktop-wallpaper, computed and exported by unity, to tint the notification background. This is to provide more visual consistency with the Dash and HUD.

Thanks for patches/branches/contributions go to:
 - Sebastien Bacher
 - Luke Yelavich
 - Martin Pitt
 - Vincent Untz
 - Ken VanDine
 - Mirco Müller


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Fixed bugs/features:
 - #810325 change background colour to use the same median colour used in the unity dash
 - #827897 should migrate the user gconf keys values to gsettings
 - #856071 accessibility broken due to recent GTK3 changes
 - #904835 keeps on writing to .cache/notify-osd.log and waking up my drive
 - #915389 wakes up for every key/focus event after showing the first bubble

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