OpenStack Compute (nova) 2012.2.3

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OpenStack Compute (nova)
Mark McLoughlin
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1 Adam Gandelman, 1 Daniel Berrange, 1 Eric Harney, 1 Gary Kotton, 1 Hans Lindgren, 2 Joe Gordon, 1 Mark McLoughlin, 2 Pádraig Brady, 4 Vish Ishaya, 1 melanie witt
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This is Nova 2012.2.3 release.


This release does not have a changelog.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1069904 #1069904 [OSSA 2013-001] No authentication on block device used for os-volume_boot 3 High Pádraig Brady  10 Fix Released
1070088 #1070088 Qemu-img does not handle snapshot list 3 High Pádraig Brady  10 Fix Released
1087252 #1087252 No handler for NFS volume 3 High Eric Harney  10 Fix Released
1092762 #1092762 Rapidly removing a floating ip can leave behind nat rules 3 High Vish Ishaya  10 Fix Released
1094897 #1094897 Unable to assign a specific IP address to a Quantum port 3 High Gary Kotton  10 Fix Released
1099527 #1099527 Libvirt driver misses out some CPU flags on old libvirt 3 High Daniel Berrange  10 Fix Released
1100430 #1100430 init host crashes if instance cannot be resumed 3 High Vish Ishaya  10 Fix Released
1029430 #1029430 KVM guests networking issues with no virbr0 and with vhost_net kernel modules loaded 4 Medium Adam Gandelman  10 Fix Released
1083353 #1083353 nova aggregate-create returns unclear error to user 4 Medium Joe Gordon  10 Fix Released
1083784 #1083784 plug_vifs() not called for each instance when nova compute is started 4 Medium Vish Ishaya  10 Fix Released
1092761 #1092761 concurrent disassociate floating ip calls leads to 500 error 4 Medium Vish Ishaya  10 Fix Released
1013350 #1013350 Include error message in instance faults 5 Low melanie witt  10 Fix Released
1027788 #1027788 os-hosts extension's show method cannot find host which has '.' in host-name (or host name is dotted quad) 5 Low Joe Gordon  10 Fix Released
1062049 #1062049 Folsom - Absolute limit parameters totalKeyPairsUsed and totalSecurityGroupsUsed values area not incremented when keypair and security group created 5 Low Mark McLoughlin  10 Fix Released
1092418 #1092418 resource tracker reporting strange values in AUDIT logs 5 Low Hans Lindgren  10 Fix Released
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