Novacut 11.09 "Quality"

In the 11.09 cycle, we're migrating all the Novacut components to Python3. Hooray!

One drawback about migrating to Python3 is this means you'll need Oneiric or newer, which will be just hitting beta1 next week. So developers, time to get your Oneiric going! (Please take the usual precautions: make sure your data is backed up elsewhere!)

There isn't a lot of code in `novacut` proper yet, which is good because it means it's pretty easy to get involved. I'm going to focus on filing a lot of bitesize bugs, small features with which people can dip their toe in the water.

As the codename suggests, the release is going to focus a lot on Quality, specifically on starting to build our test suite against real video from HDSLR cameras (as luck would have it, we just happen to have a TB or so of test video handy).

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Ported to Python3 and PyGI, but render backend is currently broken as we aren't getting EOS events from pipeline (this is a PyGI/GStreamer issue).

Got the UI plumbing in place, so there is an app to launch this time around (just opens a place holder).

Exciting release for UI devs... decision was made to always enable WebKit inspector in our our apps... that way the Novacut UI is as easy to learn as a web page... just right click and, "Inspect Element". Woot!

As usual, most of the month was spent on dmedia... which we are very close to rubber stamping with "production ready".


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