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Jason Gerard DeRose
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Release notes 

In step with Dmedia 13.05, this Novacut release uses the V1 schema and hashing protocol. Because of the change from Base32 to Dbase32 encoding, we cannot support V0 alongside V1. To upgrade your existing V0 library to V1, open a terminal and run:


Please see this video tutorial on doing the upgrade:

This was a good opportunity to upgrade to the newer Novacut schema from the gst-1.0 branch. The key schema changes which UI designers should be aware of are:

1) Use the "video/slice" node type instead of the "slice" node type:

        "_id": "54ULLOH3SQQYWSYH3C4LCK37",
        "audio": [],
        "node": {
            "start": 24,
            "stop": 413,
            "type": "video/slice"
        "time": 1362176286.75,
        "type": "novacut/node"

2) As you see above, use node.start, node.stop instead of node.start.frame, node.stop.frame

3) Use the "video/sequence" node type instead of the "sequence" node type:

        "_id": "F53GQKUK7KDS5LOE8Q63BHTB",
        "audio": [],
        "node": {
            "src": [
            "type": "video/sequence"
        "time": 1354124043.482,
        "type": "novacut/node"

Other changes include:

* Merged the gst-1.0 branch: although we can't actually use a Gst 1.0 based renderer yet, there were many important changes in the schema and unit tests

* Removed crufty, ugly novacut2 python2 package

* The gst-0.10 thumbnailer and renderer are now stand-alone python2 scripts installed in /usr/lib/novacut, and both were updated for the V1 schema

* Main novacut DB is now "novacut-1", projects are now "novacut-1-<PROJECT_ID>", and the thumbnails are in "thumbnails-1"

* novacut/ is much improved, with clearer docs and examples, and comprehensive unit tests; worth a look for anyone interested in working on the UI:

* Added new novacut/ module which takes care of all the subtle issues in converting between frames, samples, and nanoseconds; worth a look for anyone interesting in working on the renderer:

* debian/rules now runs the unit tests during the package build, fails the build upon any unit test failure

* debian/novacut.prerm now actually kills the novacut-service upon package upgrade (not exactly sure why, but SIGHUP doesn't work, although SIGKILL is fine as there is no special shutdown needed, unlike dmedia-service)


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