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Jason Gerard DeRose
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Note: Dmedia/Novacut 14.03 is not *network* compatible with 14.02 and earlier releases. This is because we've switched to strictly configuring SSL for TLSv1.2 only (which also means we require Python 3.4 now). When you're ready, please upgrade all your Novacut machines to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty) at the same time.

Changes include:

* As there is now a gnonlin release for gstreamer 1.0 (hooray!), we can finally drop the remaining Python2/GStreamer0.10 bits (the renderer and thumbnailer); however, there are some problems currently, see KNOWN ISSUES below

* Drop dependency on `dc3`, which was only used for its internal copy of an older version of Microfiber that supported Python2


1) On our play-through tests we're consistently not getting the last several video frames, so that means the thumbnailer can't thumbnail any of the last several frames in a clip; this seems to be an issue with the current GStreamer1.0 and/or libav packages in Ubuntu Trusty

2) Some ambiguity in the gnonlin 1.0 API makes it difficult (or perhaps impossible?) to achieve perfect frame accuracy when rendering; the general symptom is that sometimes you'll get one extra frame at the end of a slice; this is because the duration on the incoming and outgoing slices wont always be the same when rounded to nanoseconds; for some details on why this is, please see:

3) While we sort out these issues, audio rendering is currently disabled

Obviously these are unacceptable regressions and we'll do our best to get them fixed by 14.04. We wouldn't have even made this release, but gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg is (understandably) no longer available in Trusty, so it was time to bite the bullet :D

We apologize for any inconveniences! We recommend you continue to use Novacut 14.02 on Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy) while we sort out these issues.

NOTE: Please use Novacut 14.03.1 if you're helping us test on Trusty (or a similar stack)! 14.03.0 had much deeper problems because we didn't yet grok that we needed to do this after building the gnlcomposition with gnonlin 1.0:

    gnlcomposition.emit('commit', True)


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