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Jason Gerard DeRose
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Release notes 

This release drops support for GStreamer 1.2 and 1.4, only supports GStreamer 1.6 and newer; as such, this release is only being made for Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf); the next 6 months will focus on making a great Novacut release for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

For more details on this plan, please see:

Other changes include:

 * Drop the hacks needed for GStreamer 1.2 compatibility, rewrite rendering backend to be simple and correct for GStreamer 1.6 and newer

 * Rewrite novacut-thumbnailer to use gsthelpers.Pipeline base class, plus greatly improve the strategy it uses; the thumbnailer now generates fewer speculative thumbnails and is smarter about which thumbnails is creates, so as a result is much faster

 * Add new gsthelpers.Decoder base class to capture common patterns used by render.Input, validate.Validator, and thumbnail.Thumbnailer

 * Add rough first pass at a real-time playback implementation using a similar design as the new rendering backend that landed in Novacut 15.08; this was a quick feasibility study to make sure we're on the right track, is not yet ready for prime time

 * Tweak default x264enc settings to lower memory usage; most importantly drop the x264enc "rc-lookahead" property to 20 from its default of 40; this is key for encoding at greater than 1920x1080 in the future

 * Add a first pass at deep validation helper classes, usable via the `./` script in the source tree; this lays the ground work for non-destructively conforming badly behaved videos by building a frame-to-nanosecond index, allows us to confirm whether we can truly get the results we expect

 * Add a number missing of unit tests, plus other sundry cleanup


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