ntrack 015 comes with experimental rtnetlink backend and support for libnl 1.1 up to libnl 3.2.x

Written for ntrack by Alexander Sack on 2011-11-12

        ntrack version 015 released!

        Homepage: https://launchpad.net/ntrack
        Release: https://launchpad.net/ntrack/main/015
        Download: http://launchpad.net/ntrack/main/015/+download/ntrack-015.tar.gz
        TODO: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ntrack

        ntrack 015 is a long expected release that started low, but ended up coming out
        strong. This is not only because a first experimental revision of our next gen
        backend for linux, rtnetlink, got included.

        Early testing indicates that rtnetlink really has the potential to leave out
        the flaky libnl middleware alltogether and get network state info first hand
        from the kernel. Once stabilized and properly field tested, This will clearly
        contribute to a more complete, consistent and reliable ntrack experience.

        Nevertheless, ntrack 015 also grows more complete libnl support and can now
        build backends for libnl 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 (NEW), 3.2.x (NEW) and latest git

        See below for info what bugs were fixed on top for this release.

        Fixed Bugs:
         * lp:750554 - nl modules are not linked with libntrack even if they use symbols from it
         * lp:755608 - Ntrack dead loop in function get_nl_link_by_index
         * lp:834639 - Build failure with -Werror=strict-aliasing
         * lp:774690 - Build error in a fresh environment
         * lp:785119 - ntrack can get into endless poll loop if no backend modules found
         * lp:801407 - ntrack-014 compilation fails if all libnl[123] are present together
         * lp:448400 - add pure rtnetlink backend for linux
         * lp:879141 - support libnl 3.1

        Known Issues:
         * no Qt python wrappers yet - lp:505672

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