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Language-neutral NUMBERTEXT and MONEYTEXT spreadsheet functions for number to text conversion. Supported languages of the first release: Chinese, Dutch, English, Esperanto, German, Hungarian, Italian, Thai. Supported platforms: Calc spreadsheet, on-line JavaScript/HTML demo and IDE (see below the homepage link).

The new NUMBERTEXT and MONEYTEXT functions are the generalization of the BAHTTEXT spreadsheet function, a function of Microsoft Excel for number to Thai number name and currency conversion, standardized by the ECMA–376 and ISO/IEC 29 500:2008 Office Open XML format.

– NUMBERTEXT and MONEYTEXT – new language-neutral spreadsheet functions;
– Description of the general algorithm for the number to text (number name) conversion (Soros language and interpreter)
– Calc extension as a working implementation;
– supported languages of first release:

Dutch (nl-NL)
English (en-US, en-*)
Esperanto (eo)
German (de-DE)
Hungarian (hu-HU)
Italian (it-IT)
Thai (th-TH)
Chinese (simplified) (zh-ZH)
Chinese Shuzou numerals (zh-shuzou)

Also in the zipped extension:

– Documentation;
– Specification of the Soros programming language (draft);
– Integrated developing environment in JavaScript/HTML for Soros programming.

– Standard libraries for different programming languages

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László Németh
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Simplified BSD Licence, GNU LGPL v2.1, Python Licence

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