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The NUnit Extended Testing Platform is the next version of NUnit - NUnit 3.0 - extended to become a complete testing platform. This project group holds the projects that make up NUnit 3.0 itself together with addins, addons, extras and other supporting tools.

NUnit 3.0 is the second "reset" of the NUnit project. In 2002, we moved to an entirely new codebase and began to use .NET attributes as a way of designating tests. As of December 2008, 22 releases have been produced in that codeline and the functionality has grown enormously. NUnit 2.5 is currently under way and is expected to be the last release in the 2.x series.

Beginning in 2007, it was apparent that new needed features would be difficult to add without some rethinking of several basic design issues. The result is a new project, NUnit 3.0, which will allow us to create a platform that others can more easily extend. Launchpad is the chosen site for this development because it makes it easy for people to participate.

As of August, 2009, this group holds separate projects for NUnit 2.5 and NUnit 3.0 development as well as the NUnitLite project and several supporting tools. Other projects will be added as we proceed.