Nuvola Player 1.1 Beta 3 and 2.0 Beta 3 have been released

Written for Nuvola Apps Runtime (Nuvola Player) by Jiří Janoušek on 2012-08-30

I'm happy to announce Nuvola Player 1.1 Beta 3 and 2.0 Beta 3. Changes since Beta 2 are mostly bug fixes and tweaks, special thanks to Aaron Honeycutt (1 bug), Blackpaw (1 bug) and Ovidiu Gheorghioiu (1 bug), but also removal of support for SOCKS proxy and change of a primary license. See release notes[1][2] for details.


=== Installation: Binary packages ===

Nuvola Player Project currently provides binary packages for Debian Sid and Wheezy[3]. Packages for Ubuntu 10.04, 11.04, 11.10 and 12.04 [4] will be available within a few days.

Note: Packages for Ubuntu 11.10 will be downgraded to series 1.1.x.


=== Installation: From source ===

Nuvola Player project doesn't provide source tarballs for pre-release versions. You can use snapshots of development branches[5][6]. Then follow instructions in file INSTALL. Note: Dependencies for series 2.0.x were increased.

$ bzr branch lp:nuvola-player/1.1.x -r tag:1.1~beta3 nuvolaplayer


$ bzr branch lp:nuvola-player/2.0.x -r tag:2.0~beta3 nuvolaplayer



Updated on 2012-08-30.

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