Nuvola Player needs new maintainer, development has been discontinued

Written for Nuvola Apps Runtime (Nuvola Player) by Jiří Janoušek on 2013-09-14

I'm sad to announce I've decided to discontinue active development of Nuvola Player. If there is somebody who would like to adopt the project, contact me at Nuvola Player Development mailing list [1]. (No need to create a fork, please.) I would like to thank to all people who have contributed to the project.


I went from being "single" to "in a relationship" a few months ago and I have less free time and extra expenses since then, so I have to evaluate more carefully what I spend my time on and think more economically. Unfortunately, Nuvola Player has become an unwanted child in this context.

As a last ditch effort to continue further maintenance and development, I've tried to crowd-fund my time spent on Nuvola Player via Gittip crowd-funding platform [2]. It provides recurrent micro-donations, so I could work on Nuvola Player regularly thanks to them. The funding goal 25 USD/week (100 backers with a minimal tip 0.25 USD) has not been reached after one-month run, so I should search for more conventional ways how to earn some money.


Thanks for understanding,
Jiří Janoušek

Updated on 2013-09-15.

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