Nextwindow Fermi Driver


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Version Series Expected Released Summary
nwfermi 0.6.5 trunk None 2012-03-21
nwfermi 0.6.4 trunk None 2012-03-20
nwfermi 0.6.1 trunk None 2011-07-22 Support for new source xf86-input-nextwindow package and Xorg Input ABI 12 on...
nwfermi 0.6 trunk None 2011-06-07 - Support for Ubuntu 11.04 - move xf86-input-nextwindow into a separate sour...
nwfermi 0.5.2 trunk None 2011-03-17
nwfermi 0.5.1 trunk None 2011-02-21 bug fixes for the 0.5 release
nwfermi 0.5 trunk None 2011-01-16