Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
OAH Build 2.20.0 glib None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 2.19.2 glib None 2008-12-25 Initial release used by OAH Build. See
OAH Build 2.15.0 gtk+ None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 2.14.6 gtk+ None 2009-01-19 Initial release of GTK+ for OAH Build system. See for mor...
OAH Build 2.7.3 libxml2 None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 1.24.0 atk None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 1.22.4 pango None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 1.8.6 cairo None 2008-12-27 1.8.6 release of cairo graphics. See for more info
OAH Build 1.8.2 cairo None 2008-12-27 Initial release of Cairo for OAH Build system. See ...
OAH Build 1.2.3 zlib None 2008-12-26 Initial release for OAH Build. See for more info.
OAH Build 0.13.2 pixman None 2008-12-27 Initial release for OAH Build system.
OAH Build 0.10.22-series-gstreamer gstreamer None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 0.10.22-series-gst-plugins-base gst-plugins-base None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 0.8.8 clutter None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 0.8.4 clutter None 2008-12-29 Initial release of clutter for the OAH build system. See http://clutter-proje...
OAH Build 0.8.2 clutter-cairo None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 0.8.0 clutter-gst None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 0.3.15 liboil None 2009-03-30
OAH Build 0.2 "Hello World, I'm OAHBuild" trunk None 2009-01-08 This is the first release that REALLY works.
OAH Build 0.4 trunk 2009-04-30 not yet released Begin work with stripping lib prefix for binaries and adding CRT suffix! Fix ...
OAH Build 0.3 "Acres of space" trunk 2009-03-30 2009-03-30 Fix tool chain to support spaces and Unicode characters in input and/or outpu...
OAH Build 0.1 "Xmas Fun" trunk 2008-12-25 2008-12-25 First version of OAH Build tools. Includes an installer which sets up the bu...