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Flexible, easy to use and (really) fast dinamic/static menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager. The 'dinamic menu generation' feature allows you to set it up once and to have an always up-to-date menu content.

  - Generates a full menu using the information present in *.desktop files (dinamically generated
      or static).
  - No dependencies (statically compiled in a ~250kb binary)
  - In a relative modest machine with ~200 *.desktop files it generates the full menu in ~60ms.
      In mine's it takes 14-19ms.
  - Internalization (i18n) support through standard .PO files.
      (English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Chinese)
  - Absolute control of the menu layout through a SCHEMA's file.
  - Support to exclude menu items through a really simple (yet confortable and powerfull
      enough) regular expressions subset.
  - Support to exclude menu item based on the directive OnlyShowIn present in *.desktop files.
  - Easy access to edit OpenBox and obmenugen configuration files through a submenu.
  - Very configurable and simple to use. With the combination of the 'config', 'exclusions' and
      'schema' files, you can get exactly the menu layout you want.

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