On the road of obmenugen v0.5

Written for OpenBox Menu Generator by Pável Varela Rodríguez on 2010-06-23

Last days I've been working a lot on obmenugen. Solving some bugs I'd discovered by myself and some other that have been reported by users (please, more feedback would be really appreciated, I don't have more than 2 or three bug reports).

Other important change I've made to the code is porting it to D 1. By this I'm improving the maintainability of the app, since D 2.0 changes a lot I spend more time adapting obmenugen to the library than actually using the library. The last stable source code only compiles against DMD 2.029 and not any other version, and that's really annoying. The branch I had ported to DMD 1 compiles, at least, against the last 3 version of DMD (I'm sure it compiles against more versions, but I couldn't test it yet). Even compiles using GDC 0.24. With D 2.0 and libphobos 2.x as base that was absoluttely imposible.

The code is really alpha quality, I keep my hands on it's neck yet, but I feel I will be releasing obmenugen v0.5 really soon, say, 15 days.

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