OpenBox Menu Generator 0.5

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OpenBox Menu Generator
Pável Varela Rodríguez
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download icon obmenugen-0.5-r72.tar.bz2 (md5) Source and Linux i386 static binary 4,486
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    - Ported to D 1.0! This turns the compilation process really easy. From now on I'll distribute
      obmenugen as a binary just to make using it even easier.
    - IMPORTANT: Renamed 'obmenugen.cfg' to 'config' and `obmenugen.schema' to 'schema',
      including the needed code to done it automatically, without user intervention.
    - IMPORTANT: Setted "Generate menu.xml, with needed intructions to generate a pipe
      menu" as default option, executing obmenugen with no params
    - ADDEDD: Compilation trough Makefile
      (now you can simpy do 'make && make install && make clean')
    - Reordered menu categories (updated default schema) to match XDG order (like GNOME
      or KDE)
    - ADDED: Two new translations: Romanian and Chinese
    - ADDED: Filtering .desktop files by NoDisplay property
    - ADDED: Support for LC_MESSAGES, it also have precedence over LANG, as gettext said
    - Now Looking for .desktop files inside $XDG_DATA_{DIRS,HOME} directories,
      recursively. This fixes a bug causing KDE apps (like K3B) not being added to menu
    - Escaping more XML entities, this solved some minor bugs too
    - FIXED: Bugs #584743Misspelling on various files: said "accesories" when must say
      "accessories", #683811 "Doesn't quote the quotes", #881838 "Error when Exec
      property contains an = sign" (all reported in Launchpad Bugtracker)
    - FIXED: bug causing a segfault when some keys were missing from configuration file
    - Changed i18n warnings for less ambiguous and disturbing messages. Seeing the word
      'warning' tends to get users confused.
    - A lot of code reorganizing and minor corrections

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