OCS Inventory: Server server-release-1.3beta2

Intermediate release of ocs, before new GUI and new win32 rearch agent

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OCS Inventory: Server
Gonéri Le Bouder
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First public beta for OCS Inventory 1.3.


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1.3 beta2
    * fix setup.sh for Debian
    * minor fixes
    * add binutils/create-release-tarball.sh

1.3 beta1
    * Added virtual device detection for a network iface
    * Added description field to printers section
    * Use of hardware.UUID and hardware.ASSETTAG in duplicates detection
    * Duplicates mgmt: Now removing current device from dynamic groups and keep the static groups membership
    * The SOAP service is now able to share data with engine in +w mode by the use of ::System::_lock()
    * Deleting computers using SOAP service
    * itmgmt_comments support in duplicates
    * Download: Added ERR_ALREADY_IN_HISTORY status code (package affected but already in history)
    * Added source IP in inventory
    * Added DRIVES/CREATEDATE support
    * Added ASSETTAG support
    * Added DNS device informations
    * Fixed .ocs files generation on windows server
    * Mobile devices support
    * Fixed the "bad software import bug"
    * DB schema changes support through "type=>1" field meta information in Map.pm
    * Unicode support
      Thanks to Andrek
    * Added DEFAULTGATEWAY support
    * Added inventory of virtualization (Philippe Libat)
    * Fixed a bug in SOAP Engine

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