OCS Inventory NG is now on git hub

Written for OCS Inventory by Gilles Dubois on 2015-07-27

All the team is pleased to annouce that we have migrate all the project on Git Hub.
After a long debate, we choose to mirgate for some simplicity reason and a better code management.

Link : https://github.com/OCSInventory-NG

Git offer a lot of nice functionality that will simplify developpers' and contributor's life :
 * One of the most developer compliant tool.
 * A better issues and bugs management.
 * An intuitive web interface for users and contributors.
 * Easier to maintain and to use
 * Git is now a reference in code hosting and versioning systems
 * Contributors will have a lot functionalities to easly create or modify their pull request.
 * Git is one of the most known tool which will add visibility to the OCSInventory project.

The launchpad will be in read-only mode soon, you will still be able to read launchpad informations but you won't be able to create news issues or propose pull request.

Some people will ask : "Did we loose all launchpad history ?" :

A total migration has been done with the help of github support team.
All commits / branch and comments have been saved and are now available in git hub, except issues and pull request, so all "non resolved" issues have to be recreate on git hub.

Thanks you for following OCSInventory-NG
Regards, OCS Inventory NG Team.

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