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2 Michael Johnson, 1 Sherif Abdelwahab, 1 min wang
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download icon octavia-0.8.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Octavia release 0.8.0 - Mitaka 91
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Release notes 

New Features

Adds support for Layer 7 switching and shared pools features to Octavia. This supports the equivalent feature added to Neutron LBaaS v2.
Layer 7 policies allow a tenant / user to define actions the load balancer may take other than routing requests to the default pool.
Layer 7 rules control the logic behind whether a given Layer 7 policy is followed.
Works for HTTP and TERMINATED_HTTPS listeners.
Shared pools allow listeners or Layer 7 REDIRECT_TO_POOL policies to share back-end pools.
Glance image containing the latest Amphora image can now be referenced using a Glance tag. To use the feature, set amp_image_tag in [controller_worker]. Note that amp_image_id should be unset for the new feature to take into effect.
Active/Standby support for Octavia.
When enabled in the configuration file, Octavia will boot an active and standby amphora for each load balancer.
Session persistence is maintained between the active and standby amphora.
Amphora failover is supported when active/standby is enabled. Should the master or backup amphora fail, the health manager will rebuild it.
Upgrade Notes

Upgrade requires a database migration.
Shared-pools introduces a new load_balancer_id column into the pools table.
pools.load_balancer_id column is populated from listeners data using ETL in the migration.
Two new tables are created to handle Layer 7 switching. These are l7policy and l7rule.
amp_image_id option is deprecated and will be removed in one of the next releases. Operators are adviced to migrate to the new amp_image_tag option.
Upgrade requires a database migration.
Adds tables for active/standby.
Updates load balancer, listener, and amphora tables.


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Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Active-Passive Amphora Setup using VRRP Active-Passive Amphora Setup using VRRP 4 High Sherif Abdelwahab  11 Implemented
Leverage Nova anit-affinity for active/standby amphora Leverage Nova anit-affinity for active/standby amphora 4 High min wang  11 Implemented
Add Layer-7 switching support to Octavia Add Layer-7 switching support to Octavia 2 Low   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1544375 #1544375 Deleting a load balancer intermittently fails - PortNotFoundClient 2 Critical Michael Johnson  10 Fix Released
1544785 #1544785 debug log includes amphora cert and key 2 Critical Michael Johnson  10 Fix Released
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