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Release notes 


Amphora image support for RH Linux flavors.

Extended support for Keystone API v3.

Support for Keystone token authentication on frontend Octavia API.

New Features

* Policy.json enforcement in Octavia. * Enables verification of
  privileges on specific API command for a specific user role and

* Adds quota support to the Octavia API.

* The diskimage-create script supports different operating system
  flavors such as Ubuntu (the default option), CentOS, Fedora and
  RHEL. Adaptations were made to several elements to ensure all images
  are operational.

* The amphora-agent is now able to distinguish between operating
  systems and choose the right course of action to manage files and
  networking on each Linux flavor.

* Adds support for amphora images that use systemd.

* Add support for Ubuntu Xenial amphora images.

* Octavia supports different Keystone APIs and choose authentication
  mechanism based on configuration specified in "keystone_authtoken"
  section of octavia.conf file.

* After setting "auth_strategy = keystone" all incoming requests to
  Octavia API will be verified using Keystone are they send by
  authenticated person. By default that option is disabled because
  Neutron LBaaS v2 is not supporting that functionality properly.

* Adds support for PKCS7 PEM or DER encoded intermediate certificate
  bundles for TERMINATED_HTTPS listeners.

Known Issues

* To use CentOS, Fedora, or RHEL in your amphora image you must set
  the user_group option, located in the [haproxy_amphora] section of
  the octavia.conf file to "haproxy". This will be made automatic in
  a future version.

Upgrade Notes

* agent_server_network_dir is now auto-detected for Ubuntu, CentOS,
  Fedora and RHEL if one is not specified in the configuration file.

* From configuration file section "keystone_authtoken_v3" was
  removed and all parameters are stored in "keystone_authtoken"
  section of configuration file.

* This feature add new configuration value "auth_strategy" which by
  default is set for "noauth".

* Remove duplicated config option 'cert_generator' in
  [controller_worker]. Operators now should set it under

Deprecation Notes

* The "use_upstart" configuration option is now deprecated because
  the amphora agent can now automatically discover the init system in
  use in the amphora image.

Bug Fixes

* Resolves an issue with using encrypted TLS private keys.


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b698e7f Fix unit tests for OSX
f91c9c3 Improve the failover handling for spares-pool amps
bfb8195 Fixes misspelled amp_ssh_access_allowed config
4cf51cf Fix failover for unallocated amps (spares-pool)
6eb9a7c Remove outdated kernel tuning for haproxy
2f5e3b4 Add placement services to devstack example files
ee09fd1 Fix a typo in the release notes
c004881 Fix the amphora image support for RH Linux flavors
eebd2d4 Fix active/standby under python3
aa12ea4 Updated from global requirements
3f6f760 Updated from global requirements
b60b2b2 Fix the docs page title
283ec72 Fix connection timeout spam in subunit logs
c266978 Cleanup noop network driver to fix py3x
9a30e12 Clarify that octavia-db-manage should be used
d805c8d Archive the testrepository file before processing
7468a2a Remove dumplicated config option 'cert_generator'
23e2490 Archive the raw testrepository log
9cc6220 Remove an erroneous MarkHealthMonitorActiveInDB task
d685246 Updated from global requirements
2a7a3cd Fix octavia multinode setup for flavor and image
7d933da Add quota support to Octavia
96814be Updated from global requirements
74291d4 Correct the paramters of l7 policy creation
7443606 Introduce Handlers for V2 API
6caada9 Updated from global requirements
53ff06e Introduce Types Directory
0482c14 Update Python classifiers
b021862 Add check when plug vrrp port in LB creation
e75c8ec Adds user_group option under haproxy_amphora
c7cebf7 Add support for policy.json
b742a5a Updated from global requirements
74f181f Fix file mode
37592bf Fix tenant_id reference
0993ca8 Updated from global requirements
654e886 Correcting error message for CA Key validation failure
8eddb0f Fix multi-typo error in Octavia
f138219 Set access_policy for messaging's dispatcher
4e2a34d Adds diskimage-create scripts to pypi package
2b8b202 Fix a typo
f42206c Remove MANIFEST.in from repo
0281872 Fix typo in doc/source/api/octaviaapi.rst
4edcf3a Add context to unit tests
607b21b Remove OSC deprecation warnings
04b0b96 Do not use log hints for exceptions
32ada00 Save neutron calls if plugin does not support dns-integration
6043523 Updated from global requirements
bb8bb1f Fix missing NovaServerGroupDelete
50c2713 Introduct Test Base classes for V2 API
04a7079 Remove an erroneous MarkMemberActiveInDB task
d05368f add CONTRIBUTING.rst
6e2dcab Fix typo
e93a387 Updated from global requirements
e51a073 oslo_messaging_rabbit settings are deprecated
2766174 Adding name to health monitor and member
32f3c4d Add build-essential package dependency to amphora-agent element
bf8aac5 Amphora-agent should log to a distinct location
3ffcbea Change bind_host IP address
264f3b5 Fix some python3 string issues in amphora agent
78b1a4a Updated from global requirements
34a4735 Fix the agent install to use pip -U
835b3c5 The amphora agent plug_vip has an indention issue
3c5c13c Stop depending on tripleo-image-elements
ad82870 Setup translation for octavia
316a13a Add support for diskimage-builder tracing
2d92166 Introduce API Decorators
83661b7 Use pip install rather than setup.py
2c897eb Create Octavia api V2 directory
b6e1fc7 Fix a unit test that was attempting real requests
51b4db7 Updated from global requirements
2296d89 Updated from global requirements
0fbd683 Spec detailing capability gaps with n-lbaas API
126ec97 Properly format IPv6 bind address strings
b375cab Only set default DIB_RELEASE for ubuntu
44a2658 Remove unused method - get_random_string
24fcaab Fix devstack plugin for KEYSTONE_CATALOG_BACKEND
619fe84 Show team and repo badges on README
6ce8534 Enable IPv6 load balancer networks
1ace351 Add keystone authentication of token
867b350 Remove CONF.import_group
013f44d Simplify cert-ramfs-ecrypt package dependencies
2db260c Adds distribution ID option to diskimage-create.sh
076e016 Backend Keystone authentication
a6915c3 Updated from global requirements
c4408c4 Adds support for systemd amphora images
cb4be77 Enable EPEL repository for CentOS amphorae
88ceb68 diskimage-create check for qemu-kvm-ev/qemu-img-ev for CentOS
0fcbc4f Updated from global requirements
4ced93b Modify variable's using method in Log Messages
5e76bab Updated from global requirements
549b1ce Remove last vestiges of oslo-incubator
dff3f75 Basic listener scenario test
0a5832d Use test assertEqual instead of assert()
7476aea Updated from global requirements
48a1e7c Run amphora agent with gunicorn
7e4ac5b UDPStatusGetter socket bind fix for ipv6
dd72b83 Fix health_sender test to use a list instead of tuple
edd3778 Updated from global requirements
cebfd31 C10k load testing environment script
2a7c6f4 Scenario: test with concurrent clients
dfe1dc0 Increase the verbosity of haproxy.rest_api_driver failures
03844a6 Update .coveragerc after the removal of openstack directory
da97896 Enable support for multinode in the gate hook
e6507ed Add a new API to list loadbalancer statistics
8ee4def Add class 'StatsMixin'
cc7f1ae Updated from global requirements
ae5a3a9 Update haproxy logging configuration
838e52f Load system sysctl in amphora network namespace
2578486 Fixes pregenerated certificates validity to 50y
4d8cd69 Updated from global requirements
9fe5317 Drop MANIFEST.in - it's not needed by pbr
8602fbb Updated from global requirements
253f4e3 Add linuxbridge support to devstack plugin
03cd2ec Scenario tests: improve test http server
e2cdd21 Update devstack plugin to use openstack client
7d3a0f3 Fix to run functional tests
01e8e85 Fix functional tests after HM change
81846df Fixes unit test config override
89f6b2c Add MTU configuraion when plugging vip or network
5dbff28 Update listener stats
6467045 Fix revert on 404 from amphora agent startup
e5aae53 Enable release notes translation
695ec1d Updated from global requirements
a27b5c4 Add support for PKCS7 bundles and encrypted keys
81cc1fb Add defaults for health monitor object
d537aed Fix nova image-list which is unavailable
ef11747 Switch HAProxy health check timeout to seconds
5fe6752 Use get-pip.py from cache if it exists
bc079c9 Use a cached get-pip.py if it is availble
3cf352c Fix typo in active-active-distributor.rst
86480c7 Remove pypi download shield from Readme
70f009e Updated from global requirements
95ae6d6 Update reno for stable/newton
12d2a0f Amphora agent refactor to classes

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