Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
OEM Tracker new-ot "newOt" trunk None 2011-06-15
OEM Tracker 11.10-october trunk 2011-11-02 not yet released
OEM Tracker 11.09-september trunk 2011-09-05 2011-09-30
OEM Tracker 11.08-august trunk 2011-08-31 2011-08-31
OEM Tracker 11.07-july trunk 2011-07-31 2011-07-31
OEM Tracker 11.06-june trunk 2011-06-30 2011-06-30
OEM Tracker 11.05-may trunk 2011-05-31 2011-05-31
OEM Tracker 11.04-april trunk 2011-04-30 2011-04-30
OEM Tracker 10.08-august trunk 2010-08-30 2010-09-02 Performance improvements, refactoring, and tests. Includes actions carried ov...
OEM Tracker 10.07-july trunk 2010-07-30 2010-09-28
OEM Tracker 10.06-june trunk 2010-06-30 2010-06-30 Rewrite of core components
OEM Tracker 3-read-manifest trunk 2010-03-25 2010-04-12 Incorporate package manifests into oem-tracker, to differentiate between supp...
OEM Tracker 2-auto-bugs trunk 2009-10-02 2010-06-07 oem-tracker will automatically file bugs for archive administration tasks
OEM Tracker 1-date-tracking trunk 2009-09-18 2009-10-29 OEM tracker will track the time/date of each update as it flows through the s...