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A Windows version of the iHRIS Suite designed for use in locations where there is no or limited Internet access, or where it is not practical to install a Linux server. It installs all three components of the iHRIS Suite on the Windows desktop.

This project builds on the WAMPServer project to provide a full-stack that can be installed on a Windows Desktop. It is primarily intended for a single user running the software on one desktop computer, although it may be accessed by multiple users via a local area network or the Internet. Windows iHRIS may also be installed with sample data as a demonstration of the program before installing the full server-based version. Advanced users may export data from Windows iHRIS for import into a server-based version of iHRIS using the PHP MyAdmin tool included with Windows iHRIS. In the future, the ability to import and export data from a primary server will be provided.

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Latest version is 3.1.3

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