OggConvert 0.3.0 ""Taught to drown but told to swim""

This is the third major release of OggConvert, a simple Gnome utility to convert media files into the patent-free Theora, Dirac and Vorbis formats.

Dirac encoding requires GStreamer 0.10.11 and the Schroedinger encoder. Be aware that the encoder is still experimental, and that videos you encode today might
not be watchable in future as the decoder develops.

OggConvert is written in Python using PyGTK and PyGST. It is released under the GNU LGPL.

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"Taught to drown but told to swim"
Tristan Brindle
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Release notes 

What's new in this version:

* Added support for muxing to Matroska, thanks to Carlos Perelló Marín.

* Added translation support, thanks to Alex Kabakov.

* Added A. Bram Neijt's OggConvert icon.

* Added support for using Gnome-VFS sources (actually, the encoder can now use
  any URI scheme that GStreamer understands, which is more than just Gnome-VFS,
  but there's no GUI support for this yet).

* Rewritten, faster, better, callback-based, non-blocking media checking routine.

* Communication between the encoder and the GUI is now done the "proper" way.

* New translations: bg, de, es, fr, it, ko, nl, pl, pr_BR, ru, sv. Thanks to
  all the translators.

* Bugs fixed in this version: #117849 (Include an icon for OggConvert)
                              #120889 (Add Matroska support)
                              #129069 (Current icon is ugly) (!)
                              #133022 (Selected directory doesn't reflect output)
                              #160054 (Ogg video files should use .ogv extension)


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