Announce: Onboard release version 1.4.1

Written for Onboard by Francesco Fumanti on 2017-03-13

The Onboard Devel Team is proud to announce the release of Onboard version 1.4.1.

What is new?

Add more gsettings keys to allow using gsettings overrides instead of the onboard-defaults.conf file.


- Source code tarball:

- MD5 checksum:
1a2fbe82e934f5b37841d17ff51e80e8 onboard-1.4.1.tar.gz

- Signature:


You are welcome to file any bugs you encounter at Onboard's bugtracker:


- Public questions about Onboard:

- Directly:

Many thanks to all contributers, especially the Ubuntu Translators, whose translations Onboard is using.

We hope Onboard to be useful to you.

on behalf of the Onboard Devel Team

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