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Francesco Fumanti
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download icon onboard-0.95.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball with version 0.95.0 of Onboard 271
last downloaded 42 weeks ago
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Release notes 

Version 0.95.0 features the following improvements:
    * Add support for themes supporting gradients, color schemes, round
      corners, fonts, font styles, ... (partially Alan Bells; LP: #713466)
    * Themes available:
         - Ambiance (LP: #768583, Alan Bells design for Ubuntu 11.04)
         - Blackboard
         - Classic Onboard
         - Darkroom
         - Droid
    * Use the theme for color information; not anymore the layout file
    * Add theming to cli parameters
    * Add configuration file for distributions to control default appearance
    * Add possibility to name each snippet button according to its content
    * Some cosmetic improvements by Gerd Kohlberger
    * Move user settings from .sok to .onboard directory
    * Rename layout files according to convention <layout name>-<pane name>.svg
    * Make capitalisation of the name of Onboard consistent (LP: #524297)
    * Fix and improve the "Personalize current layout" fonctionality
    * Improve handling of deleted and invalid layout filenames
    * Bring the height of the scan layout in line with the other layouts
    * Fix memory leak (LP: #732179)
    * Fix the close function of the status icon (LP: #718458)
    * Improve mouse button emulation by increasing click polling (LP: #731642)
    * Fix loading of default layout (LP: #769104)
    * Import community translations from launchpad on 21st June 2011)
    * Replace the word "Settings" with "Preferences" already used in Onboard
    * Fix some usage of the ellipsis symbol
    * Reduce the number of layout updates


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