Onboard 0.96.2

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Francesco Fumanti
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Release notes 

These are the changes from 0.96.1 to 0.96.2:
    * Protect against accidental resize/move of Onboard window (LP: #893644)
    * Add option to always show on visible workspace (LP: #803875)
    * Give the AppIndicator an accessible description (LP: #891931)
    * Don't let compiz grid plugin resize the icon palette (LP: 893644)
    * Don't let the move button leave the screen (LP: 885608)
    * Reduce updates of gtk widget (LP: 897678)
    * Work around transparency state loss due to bug 837456
    * Fix resize cursor disapearing for north east window corner
    * Fix window corner issue in Unity on Ubuntu Precise
    * Fix Icon Palette flashing when unity-greeter is killed
    * Fix Unity 2D fighting with Onboard for the top spot
    * Fix missing super key label on distributions without the ubuntu logo
    * Fix almost invisible short feedback on keypress occuring on some notebooks
    * Don't shrink labels when the system font dpi changes
    * Don't ignore force-to-top mode when moving the window back into view
    * Hide move button when window decoration is enabled and force-to-top is off
    * Don't fail to start on older versions of gtk3 (3.0.11 on Mandriva 2011)
    * Prevent onboard getting stuck by grid plugin and gnome-shell
    * Fix middle and right click button for 0.95 legacy layouts
    * Don't crash gnome-shell when window state sticky is off
    * Make a newly created customized theme the active one
    * Stop intltool warnings about messages being hard to translate
    * Restore Authors file that was accidently deleted
    * Some cleanup, typo fixing, gui improvements and performance fixes
    * Merge oneiric translations from the 13-12-2011


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