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Francesco Fumanti
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Release notes 

These are the main changes that went into Onboard 0.97.0 compared to Onboard 0.96.0:

    * Add improved scanning feature to osk extension
      - scanning works with all official layouts
      - different scan modes are available
      - support for 1, 2, 3 and 5 switches
      - devices can be configured to be used exclusively for scanning
    * Port osk extension to GTK3
    * Add auto-show with auto-move feature; requires at-spi2 (LP: #443986)
      - confirm activation of at-spi2 with a dialog
      - automatically move Onboard when it covers the input focus
      - no auto-move when the keyboard is manually shown
      - logging of focused at-spi accessibles through 'onboard -ddebug'
    * Hide and show Onboard with a middle click on the indicator icon
    * Add new icons for appindicator matching Ambiance and Radiance themes
    * Add lockdown options for kiosk mode (LP: #879944)
    * Silently embed into gnome-screen-saver if no app did so (LP: #857813)
    * Make Onboard aware of screen rotation (LP: 911821)
    * Protect against accidental resize/move of Onboard's windows (LP: #893644)
    * Add option to disable resize handles (LP: #930373)
    * Allow resizing with all mouse buttons
    * Show menu entry for Xubuntu/Xfce (LP: #833862)
    * Extend force-to-top mode to the Icon Palette
    * Allow /user/local/share/onboard as an alternative installation directory
    * Support starting onboard-settings in cli with non default language
    * Don't start more than one instance under normal usage
    * Fix onboard-settings crash in get_selected_layout_filename (LP: #913484)
    * Add double click and drag click also for non dwelling mode
    * Adjust category of the onboard-settings.desktop file (LP: #833873)
    * Add more modifier behaviors: cycle (default), dblclick, latch, lock
    * Add option to always show on visible workspace (LP: #803875)
    * Add Alan Bell's themes: Typist, ModelM
    * Add HighContrast, HighContrastInverse and LowContrast themes
    * Option to track GTK theme to have Onboard switch to matching theme
    * Make the colors of the icon of the Icon Palette adapt to the theme
    * Calculate corner radius of the Icon Palette based on it's size
    * Let Onboard draw itself the icon of Icon Palette instead of loading it
    * Make a newly created customized theme the active one
    * Stop selecting the default theme when resetting or deleting a theme
    * Remove overrides for font setting and key label from themes
    * Add format information to schemas, themes and colors files
    * Convert sticky-key-behavior and system-theme-associations to dicts
    * Show touch handles when activating drag click in dwell mode
    * Show touch handles on long press of the move button
    * Save window geometry 5 seconds after it was changed (LP: #819971)
    * Add option to keep aspect ratio of keyboard window
    * Update and fix system defaults example file
    * Give the AppIndicator an accessible description (LP: #891931)
    * Try to protect against bad accessibles
    * Fix backtrace and ignore menu positioning with the status icon fallback
    * Add shortcuts to the Preferences dialog
    * Allow canceling click buttons actions at any time before the click
    * Limit system impact of click polling (LP: #928800)
    * Don't let the move button leave the screen (LP: 885608)
    * Ask window manager to remove the maximize function (LP: #859288)
    * Fix Unity 2D fighting with Onboard for the top spot
    * Fix starting of the Preferences of Onboard on the LiveCD (LP: #877592)
    * Block opening of Preferences when running in the Display Manager
    * Improve handling of gsettings events (LP: #877601)
    * Don't let compiz grid plugin resize the Icon Palette (LP: 893644)
    * New color scheme format to better support detailed color settings
    * Rename key attributes. "hovered" -> "prelight" and "latched" -> "active"
    * Fix middle and right click button for 0.95 legacy layouts
    * Fix Icon Palette flashing when unity-greeter is killed
    * Fix Icon Palette not restoring the correct position
    * Don't fail to start on older versions of gtk3 (3.0.11 on Mandriva 2011)
    * Fix missing super key label on distributions without the ubuntu logo
    * Fix almost invisibly short feedback on keypress occuring on some notebooks
    * Fix Onboard being invisible after unlocking the screen
    * Fix transparency bug when rapidly toggling inactivity timer
    * Work around transparency state loss due to bug 837456
    * Fix intltool warnings about messages being hard to translate
    * Rename layer buttons
    * Remove outdated hint about option for modal dialogs in AT panel
    * Remove unused images
    * Fix black corner issue when auto-starting in unity (LP: #877604)
    * No fade delay when hiding Onboard and transparency is not supported
    * Don't set inactive transparency when a text field gets focus while typing
    * Remove redundant hook check
    * Improve hide/show by using libwnck (LP: #917386), new runtime dependency
    * Fix broken hide button in metacity without compositing
    * Prevent onboard from disappearing when jammed into the lower left corner
    * Don't allow to open multiple new snippet dialogs in force-to-top mode
    * Don't hide new snippet dialog behind keyboard window in force-to-top mode
    * Remove all active grabs
    * Fix hidden window appearing as ghost in Metacity (LP: #929513)
    * Fix showing of Icon Palette of first try in Metacity
    * Fix typo in message about turning on accessibility (LP: #929226)
    * Fix several backtraces
    * Cleanup gsettings schema
    * Rename tool-tip to tooltip (LP: #912929)
    * Improve and fix some tooltips and key names
    * Don't show tooltips while moving the keyboard
    * Code cleanup, typo fixing, gui and tooltip improvements, performance fixes
    * Replace % operator by python 3 string formatting to avoid encoding errors
    * Begin python3 (>=3.2) conversion
    * Add Gerd to AUTHORS file and order the names alphabetically


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