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Francesco Fumanti
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Release notes 

These are the changes that went into the 0.97.1 release of Onboard compared to the 0.97.0 release:

    * Improve auto-show:
      - unhide for combo boxes (helps in qtoctave) and date editors
      - add focused attribute to debug output
      - fix iconifying by title bar button
      - fix bad repositioning the very first time onboard pops up
      - fix non-critical backtraces for auto-show
      - fix keyboard not being hidden on startup in Metacity
    * Detect running environment to better care for its specificities
      - fix and make also window type hints environment specific
    * Add command line option to override automatic environment detection
    * Fix Onboard not being shown in taskbar (LP: #990486)
    * Prevent zombie process when launching preferences (LP: #936332)
    * Only appear in gnome-screen-saver if onboard was running (LP: #938302)
    * Don't check for running Onboard if "Typing Assistant" is on (LP: #938302)
    * Fix potential encoding mismatches in exception handlers (LP #958385)
    * Fix idle transparency kicking in while typing into firefox awesomebar
    * Change spelling of the unity property to ONSCREEN_KEYBOARD
    * Properly set up WM_CLASS to be above dash (LP: 915250, LP: #931331)
    * Switch window property to type XA_CARDINAL for compiz
    * Release all keys before quitting Onboard (LP #978430)
    * Simplify opacity transitions to fix some transparency glitches
    * Stop blocking the unity launcher icon for some seconds after each click
    * Skip transition delays on screens without compositing
    * Suppress python error messages when stdin or stderr are lost
    * Fix glitches when toggling force-to-top mode or decoration
    * Don't flash the icon palette in lightdm
    * Don't create the icon palette when embedding
    * Improve robustness of showing/hiding the icon palette on startup
    * Keep keyboard and icon palette above unity-2d dash
    * Don't get resized by compiz grid plugin
    * Try to honor rotating screens in gnome-shell
    * Use deiconify for metacity when minimized by titlebar
    * Remove wnck dependency as gtk3's window-state-event reports iconification
    * Don't save window position for maximized or iconified windows
    * Stop endless loop of auto-showing and hiding hiding onboard in dash
    * Fix visibility of active modifier keys in scanning mode
    * Make sure to remove the maximize button on recreating the keyboard window
    * Don't try to hide keyboard when turning on force-to-top while iconified
    * Switch all translated strings to unicode (LP: #933030)
    * Improve robustness against errors in translations (LP: 968044)
    * Import translations from the Ubuntu Translators team as of 6th May 2012
    * Fix geometries not being saved when exiting from the very first launch
    * Briefly present the keyboard when unhiding
    * Add middle click in hover click mode; requires mousetweaks >= 3.3.90
    * Make improvements in Onboard's appearance
    * Add more information to README
    * Fix typos (LP: #951754)
    * Code cleanup


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