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Francesco Fumanti
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Release notes 

Onboard 0.98.0 runs by default on python 3; it should however still be compatible to python 2.

These are the main changes between Onboard 0.97.0 and Onboard 0.98.0:

  * Move gsettings path to /org/onboard (LP: #982699); thanks R. Ancell
  * Various visual improvements:
    - push down effect on keys
    - keys now have shadows
    - smaller touch handles
    - tweak images used by click buttons and other keys
    - smoother transparency transitions
  * Detect window manager to care for its specificities
  * Add command line option to override automatic environment detection
  * Mark command line help as translatable
  * Add middle click in hover click mode; requires mousetweaks >= 3.3.90
  * Various auto-show fixes
  * Stop endless loop of auto-show on top of unity dash
  * Fix some show/hide problems
  * Stop wiggling of launcher icons on show/hide of keyboard window
  * Various python3 adaptions, trying to keep python2 compatibility
  * Move to python3 needs virtkey version >= 0.61.0
  * Switch all translated strings to unicode (LP: 933030)
  * Make python3 the default
  * Don't show disabled buttons when XEmbedding (LP: #1019593)
  * Don't create the icon palette when XEmbedding
  * Add new color scheme to follow the HighContrastInverse theme update
  * Keep Onboard on top of full-screen windows in force-to-top mode (LP: #1035578)
  * Fix keyboard and icon palette not always above dash
  * Add lockdown key to disable all dwell-activation
  * Adapt to WM_NAMEs of Unity version 6
  * Write message listing dependencies when sdist fails
  * Add tests to check translations for errors, uses python-nose
  * Make Onboard more robust against translation errors
  * Make icon palette dwellable
  * Add dconf version detection, thanks Robert Ancell
  * Fix Super key (LP: #900191)
  * Make menu key pop up context menu
  * Separate layout loading from the keyboard widget
  * Improve exception handling for theme and color files
  * Limit keyboard size when it doesn't fit on screen (LP: #991318)
  * Trap various X BadWindow errors (LP: #1016980)
  * Work around regression of configure event in quantal
  * Remove wnck dependency as gtk3's window-state-event reports iconification
  * Prevent zombie process when launching preferences (LP: #936332)
  * Only appear in gnome-screen-saver if onboard was running (LP: #938302)
  * Don't check for running Onboard if "Typing Assistant" is on (LP: #938302)
  * Fix some problems when compositing is enabled
  * Switch window property to type XA_CARDINAL for compiz
  * Fix keyboard window not moving when the gsettings keys are changed
  * Fix regression when starting in unity-greeter
  * Suppress python error messages in unity-greeter
  * Catch SIGTERM and make sure all keys are released when exiting (LP: #978430)
  * Don't hide the keyboard when switching themes in unity-greeter
  * Fix saving of keyboard window and icon palette after first start
  * Fix theme not being remembered between launches
  * Make active modifier keys visible in scanning mode
  * Fix init of scanning mode with Xinput 2.2 and GTK 3.5.12-0ubuntu1
  * Fix python3 encoding errors in non-Unicode locales
  * Fix python3 encoding error when trying to personalize a layout
  * Fix python3 backtrace on adding a new snippet
  * Fix migration of gsettings values of icon palette
  * Fix startup of Onboard for some tablet users
  * Don't get resized by compiz grid plugin
  * Fix saving of home-rect in GNOME Shell when decoration is active
  * Fix keyboard window resizing when rotating screen in GNOME Shell
  * Inform unity that this is an on-screen keyboard, cf LP: #739812
  * Fix idle transparency kicking in while typing into firefox awesomebar
  * Exit cleanly on Ctrl-c
  * Fix typos in tooltips
  * Some code and comments cleanup

For more details, please have a look at the commit messages in trunk between the 0.97.0 and 0.98.0 tags.


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