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Francesco Fumanti
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Release notes 

This is a bugfix release for the 0.98 branch of Onboard. Here is the list of changes between version 0.98.0 and version 0.98.1:

  * Try to raise Onboard on top of full-screen windows (LP: #1035578)
  * Don't auto-start Onboard in GNOME Shell when a11y key is set (LP: #879942)
  * Fix status icon showing in MATE, Xfce and others (LP: #1044918)
  * Do not have the mono icons appear in Unity Launcher
  * Do not abort startup if dconf key migration fails
  * Hide preferences button if g-c-c isn't in PATH (LP: #1053194)
  * Give --not-show-in less chance to cause D-Bus timeouts in GNOME Shell
  * Also add stack traces to file logging
  * Lighten up shadows in Ambiance theme
  * Fix configuring of Direct Scan
  * Fix vendor/product id lookup of input devices
  * Fix input device listing in the Preferences dialog
  * Remove redundant code from the Preferences dialog
  * Fix opening SVG files when used in python2 mode
  * Sync with translations of 0.98 in rosetta as of 2012-09-27


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