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Francesco Fumanti
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Release notes 

This is a bug fix release that ships the following changes compared to version 1.0.0:
  * Add initial support for org.gnome.interface scaling-factor > 1 (LP #1283491)
  * Catch Onboard becoming unresponsive due to invisible dialogs
  * Small fix in the word suggestion line of the layouts
  * Fix loading of desktop backgrounds with non-ascii filenames
  * Fix startup failures in case of no defined locale or non-unicode locales
  * Fix handling of hint file with wrong permissions in /tmp
  * Fix black bars when xembedding
  * Ignore x-offset when xembedding in unity-greeter on small screens
  * Add more entries about embedding to the system defaults example file
  * Don't activate the move button twice on press
  * Assume RGBA support exist without compositing only in unity-greeter
  * Show dialog to enable accessibility also if only word suggestions needs it
  * Close the language menu when the language button is pressed a second time
  * Fix back trace and hangs when using click buttons with python3.2 on precise
  * Work around broken introspection of GLib.filename_from_uri() on precise
  * Work around jumpy moves and resizes of keyboard after unhiding by auto-show
  * Update window manager quirk selection after name change in gnome-shell
  * Fix a GTK depreciation warning
  * Remove spurious debug output
  * Some code cleanup
  * Update translations


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