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Release notes 

These are the changes that went into version 1.1.0 of Onboard compared to version 1.0.0.

  * Word suggestions:
    - Add possibility to learn word sequences, but no new words
    - Add removal of words from current user language model on long press
    - Add removal of a word in current context only
    - Add tool to extract letter frequencies from a given language model
    - Use slash as word separator in the path component of URLs
    - Improve word suggestions after a wrap to a second line in gnome-terminal
    - Better handle interaction with the awesome bar's URL completion of firefox
    - Fix synchronisation between libreoffice writer and text document
    - Fix insertion of word separators consisting of more than one character
    - Delete selected text before inserting suggestions into Gtk-3 widgets
    - Fix memory leak in predict calls
    - Improve robustness of language model loading by handling word counts <= 0
    - Have the checkmodels tool check for valid n-gram frequency fields
    - Fix and improve broken doctest for _get_word_to_spell_check()
    - Remove "th" from the English system language models
    - Increase the number of words in the German system language models
    - Fix traceback when migrating user language model with LANG=C
    - Always use "Other Languages" as name for submenu of languages menu
    - Move second separator in language menu to correct position
  * Auto-show and auto-hide:
    - Add hiding of Onboard keyboard on physical key-press for XInput
    - Add setting for the time to stay hidden after physical key-press
    - Add possibility to turn off repositioning on auto-show (LP #1402212)
    - Centralize auto-show code to make it available for future views
    - Correctly register at-spi listeners on startup
    - Correctly disconnect events on exit
    - Fix auto-show on cursor movement in single-line text entries
  * XEmbedding in unity-greeter and gnome-screensaver:
    - Enable hide button in unity-greeter; needs restart until greeter assists
    - Add a toggle to system defaults to enable the background image
    - Read filename of background in greeter's shema in unity-greeter
    - Ignore xembed-unity-greeter-offset-x on small screens
    - Increase xembed aspect change range (LP: #1297695)
    - Add the color of the background bar to system defaults
    - Fix loading of desktop backgrounds with non-ascii filenames
    - Fix black bars problem
    - Fix background image not showing with python 3.2 on Precise
    - Add debug command line option "--launched-by" to ease testing xembedding
    - Add script to manually test the xembed behaviour
  * Improvements when org.gnome.interface scaling-factor is > 1:
    - Apply scaling to XImput events
    - Also scale docking struts
    - Switch more reliably when scaling factor changes
    - Work around unscaled accessible extents (LP: #1325026)
    - Fix incomplete rendering of keys (LP #1283491)
    - Fix get_position() of all override redirect windows (LP #1283491)
    - Improve display of blurry images
  * Layouts:
    - Update layout format to new version 3.2
    - New key attribute "show_active" shifts hard-coded behavior to layouts
    - Add nocycle variants to the sticky key behaviour attribute
    - Add push-button behaviour for sticky keys
    - Fix keys with the same id being ignored
    - Fix images not being found for layouts given on command line
    - Fix typo of the author's name in GPL header of the Whiteboard layouts
    - Reorder keys in Grid layout for more efficient scanning for azerty maps
    - Show 'm' key in Grid layout for azerty key maps (LP: #1293259)
    - Fix opening of layouts folder when layouts folder does not exist
  * Logging:
    - Tweak and colorize log output in interactive terminals
    - Add new logging levels "atspi", "event" and "all"
    - Move all at-spi logging to log-level "atspi"
    - Allow to specify a range of logging levels for the -d command line option
  * Unit tests:
    - Add unit tests for moving/resizing of keyboard and floating icon
    - Add unit test for system theme tracking with high/low contrast gtk-themes
    - Add unit test for preserving the numlock state after exit
    - Add unit test for running in the live-CD environment
    - Fix unit tests failures with python 3.2 on Precise
  * Add support for multiple monitors to docking
  * By default, automatically move docked keyboard to monitor with active window
  * Add context menu to floating icon
  * Add tool to install gsettings shema without building the debian package
  * Add deletion of build files from source tree to some setup.py commands
  * Add new snippets dialog for empty snippets on snippets button click
  * Also open new snippets dialog on long press for snippet editing
  * Synchronize Onboard with all externally activated modifiers (LP: #1331549)
  * Reorganize output of the onboard --help switch
  * Take new window manager name "GNOME-Shell" into account
  * Don't auto-start Onboard in GNOME classic as it uses its own keyboard now
  * Set opacity after realizing window for compatibility with Vivid
  * Remove the restart requirement for the "Touch input" setting
  * Close the language menu when the language button is pressed a second time
  * Don't show keyboard on moving and resizing the floating icon
  * Use xdg-open for layout folder; thanks J.Beekman (LP: #1322368,LP: #1389978)
  * Remove useless notebook tab from the docking settings and auto-show dialog
  * Add optional delay between automatic keystrokes (LP: #1391241)
  * Extend resize protection to include window movement
  * Fix CAPS behavior when set up as switcher for "input sources" (LP: #1313176)
  * Don't activate the move button twice per press
  * Don't hide dialogs behind keyboard when using force-to-top mode
  * Improve handling of absolute paths containing space characters
  * Correctly show the on/off state of auto-show in the Preferences dialog
  * Fix Onboard start when it gets enabled in the system settings (LP: #1376764)
  * Fix start when org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications is missing (LP: #1402558)
  * Fix start when hint file was created for wrong user
  * Fix start with non-unicode locales and with C locale
  * Fix Onboard becoming unusable because of invisible warning dialogs
  * Fix unresponsive keyboard with wacom driver (LP: #1297692)
  * Fix display of About dialog when po file has empty msgids (LP: #1293829)
  * Make sure to escape markup to prevent errors with translations
  * Scale the default size of label popups with the window-scaling-factor
  * Assume RGBA support exist without compositing only for unity-greeter
  * Have key events from the XInput event source deliver a valid source_id
  * Fix EventSource cleanup
  * Prevent package build failures when running onboard-settings before build
  * Enable gcc option -Wdeclaration-after-statement for building on Arch Linux
  * Fix declarations after statement warnings when compiling osk in Precise
  * Fix traceback and hang when using click buttons with python 3.2 on Precise
  * Add information about our stable PPA to README
  * Add build instructions for Ubuntu, Arch and Mageia 4 to README
  * Perform some small visual tweaks
  * Add missing GPL header to some files
  * Fix some Gtk deprecation warnings; not all for compatibility with Precise
  * Perform various code cleanups
  * Include translations for vivid from the Ubuntu Translators as of 20150127


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